I received this interesting email from a listener early this morning. For some reason she's under the impression we have only brought up the law prohibiting self-serve gas in New Jersey on nice weather days. This is, of course, wrong. Nonetheless, she brings up an interesting point with today's weather.Here's her email word for word:

"Good morning Jeff,

So, you like to pump your own gas? These are the days I am more then thankful for not having to get out of the car and stand there waiting for my tank to fill.

Instead of having this topic on nice warm sunny days you should talk about it on days like today, when there are torrential downpours or on sweltering hot days.

Just a thought. Have a wonderful day and stay warm.


Now to answer her question, yes. Yes I would like to pump my own gas all the time. On nice weather days, and when it's freezing cold out like today. On sunny days, and in torrential downpours. To get me in and out of a gas station faster and not have to wait, yes. Yes. I would pump it with a fox. I would pump it without socks. I would pump it in the snow. I would pump at 5 below.

It doesn't matter what I think so much as what the majority thinks, and I suspect the majority is still too pampered to want to have what the rest of the nation has; the right to pump your own gas.