While last night's debate may have lasted as long as a marathon, presidential candidates don't get medals for participation. It's time to choose who takes the podium in our minds.

(Photo credit: Justin Sullivan/Getty Images News)

I saw Donald Trump, Carly Fiorina, Chris Christie and Marco Rubio as winners. Ironically, Christie's last place poll numbers seemed to benefit him by making him last in CNN's order of closing statements, and therefore the candidate to have the final word.

I invited political expert Jannette Hoffman to give her analysis, which you can check out in the clip below.

Tom, a caller from Mendham, said Carly was the winner because "she put Trump in his place several times."

Dennis from Gillette said he didn't think anyone won. "The problem is there are so many candidates you can't get to know them."

Susan on the Parkway said she thought Christie came across as fake because of his lack of presence in New Jersey and comments about supporting the middle class. Donna from Bridgewater agreed that the Gov.'s priority is not the people in his state.

Who do you think won this round of the presidential debates? Take the poll and comment below to explain your picks.

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Bill is subbing for Jim Gearhart.