Truth be told, since I’m a big Giant’s fan, one of the most memorable moments in Superbowl history has to have been the catch made by receiver David Tyree in the 4th quarter of Super Bowl 42.

How ironic that it happened in the same place where Superbowl 49 is being played.

And another bit of irony: the Patriots have been staying this week in the same hotel the Giants stayed in prior to their first showdown with the Patriots.

The Sheraton Wild Horse Pass.

Omen perhaps?

Who knows?

But when Tyree looks back on it, he sees it as nothing short of miraculous.

With 1:15 to play, the Giants trailed 14-10 as they faced third-and-5 from their own 44-yard line.

With defenders all around him, quarterback Eli Manning did his best to not get sacked – throwing the ball to anyone who would catch it.

"It was just kind of like playing backyard football, living in the moment." Eli's doing his best impression of Michael Vick or something and playing way above the Xs and Os."

It came to Tyree, who leaped for the ball, against Patriots safety Rodney Harrison (ironically one of the analysts for Sunday’s game.)

Tyree grabs the ball against his helmet, securing it with his left hand as both he and Harrison fall to the ground.

Four plays later, receiver Plaxico Burress scores the go ahead touchdown – giving the Giants the championship.

Looking back at it, Tyree sees it in a very humble light – and as a gift from above.

"It stunned me.” "For me, it brings on a real sense of humility. I knew my role. I knew what I was capable of as a player and a wide receiver. But obviously, that really exceeds anybody's expectations as far as the timing of the play. I always see it as a gift from God."