Consider this scenario that had recently taken place in Holmdel.

A woman from Lumberton parks her Toyota Prius on the side of the Holmdel Motor Inn and enters a room. Not 5 minutes later, a much older man enters the same motel room, according to police, where one cop was stationed and overheard a transaction taking place between the couple, with the woman charging for sexual favors.

The police officer then knocked on the door and interviewed the couple, who both admitted they met and agreed to have sex.

It’s possible this was a sting operation, as there may have been reports of prostitutes frequenting the motel for just such a reason.

But why is this illegal if it’s between 2 consenting adults?

Tawdry yes, but illegal?

Perhaps if the middleman (pimp – if there is one) is taken out of the equation – would you see anything wrong with this?

I have a hard time finding a crime here, and would go one step further and suggest that perhaps Atlantic City needs to go the way of Nevada, where, in some counties, prostitution is legal.

According to this: there are 19 legal brothels in Nevada as of August 2013, employing about 200 women at any given time.

And while the type of transaction mentioned above would still be illegal – were the state to carve out a portion of Atlantic City for brothels – one could conceivably not have to worry about skulking around seedy motels seeking such services.

Assuming one would be willing to drive the distance for a hook up!

But you’d never have to worry about women who were employed in the field – as they could conceivably be licensed by the state, subject to periodic health inspections, and working in licensed businesses.

The state could use the tax revenue, and the “resort” could see a revival – much the same way sports-betting was supposed to revive Atlantic City.

And with the talk of Atlantic City’s possible bankruptcy, shouldn’t all options be on the table?

Till then, hook ups will still be happening on the “down low” at places like the Holmdel Motor Inn and massage parlors around the state.