Jim was discussing a proposal that would protect NJ's workers during state of emergencies. The bill would ban employers from forcing their employees to take a sick day, vacation day or any form of retribution if they employee stayed home. Although, the bill does not force the employer to pay the employee and the employee would be required to inform their employer that they are adhering to the state of emergency and staying home. Under the bill, the employee would be required to return to work as soon as the state of emergency is lifted.

While Jim doesn't think employees should be forced to come to work during a state of emergency, Jim wonders if bill (A3958) is really a necessity or not. Are there that many employers that would force their employees in to work when they aren't supposed to be on the roads? The only exceptions are normally people who are deemed 'essential personnel' such as police, firefighters, EMS or utility workers.

What do you think? Do you think that a law like this is necessary to protect employees or is there really not much to this law? Take the poll below.