Maybe, because it’s a university, they’re overthinking things.

Then again, maybe it’s something that the time has come for it.

Rowan University, in their desire to appease the LGBTQA (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer, Asexual) communities have come up with an idea to accommodate anyone who may be in between sexes or already having transitioned to another sex – but still has the previous sex’s parts.

Confused already? Yeah, I thought so.

In other words, “gender neutral bathrooms.”

According to Prism, a student organization that focuses on issues affecting the aforementioned community, President Kailee Whiting, there is a difference between gender neutral and unisex bathrooms — identity. Gender is how an individual identifies him or herself while sex is the genetics when someone is born.

Whiting said:

"This is also for students who have not transitioned yet, or are in the process. There are also people out there who don't classify themselves as anything."

So what it boils down to is semantics. If you were to call it “unisex;” you’re making the distinction that there’s a definite sex involved – whereas if you call it “all gender;” you’re accommodating those who either may be transitioning or don’t think of themselves as belonging to a specific group.

Got it?


It seems so much easier if you were to go to some clubs in the city. There, guys, gals, whoever – would use the same facilities. Some women may feel skittish about sharing – for whatever reason – as may be some guys.

With women, it may come down to a 'hygiene' issue, due to "that time of the month."

However dudes don’t have the modesty problem – unless you’re being self-conscious that your “manhood” doesn’t measure up.

Then again, you’re not in there to be on display. Unless you are looking to hook up.

God knows there have been quite a few hook ups in restrooms. Just read Jim McGreevey’s book!

So then, taking the concerns of “hooking up in the rest room” – ladies feeling the need for “more privacy” – dudes feeling they don’t “measure up” – and trannies not knowing what the hell to consider themselves; perhaps the time has come.

Just let’s do away with “gender/no gender moniker.

Call it what it is!  Just call it "the head" and be done with it!

Should all public restrooms be "all gender?"