It became a 'thing' back in February/April. Some would call it a 'scourge', others a 'thing'.

The Friday night singalong. With Joe Votruba filling in for Bill those weeks, we had what we thought would be a one time thing that first Friday night. Joe, Kylie, and me singing (or more like attempting to sing) two minutes of Rocket Man by Elton John. It transpired because it had been stuck in all our heads for days. Then one thing led to another and it started becoming almost a tradition. We even did it with listeners in their cars calling in and singing along with us as we encouraged all of New Jersey to belt it out wherever they were at that moment. It's a fun, cathartic way to let go of the work week's stress and get into weekend mode.

On Wednesday we asked our listeners if we should resume the singalong. We were kind of shocked that the vote was 100% yes. I suspect interference from Russia, but I can't prove it. Therefore, it's on! People called in many song suggestions for what we should butcher, er, I mean tackle this Friday.

We narrowed it down to these four, so give us your vote.

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