Are you a fan of Seaside Height's party atmosphere and happening beaches? How about the serene nature of Cape May or Wildwood?

Everyone has a favorite spot when they go "down the shore" and a new poll let's you voice your opinion to give your favorite spot some recognition.

The Annual New Jersey Top Ten Beaches Poll asks participants one simple question "where is your favorite beach in the Garden State?"

The project, which is in its fifth year, is a cooperative between the New Jersey Sea Grant Consortium and the Richard Stockton Center of Coastal Research. Kim Kosko, Director of Communications for the NJ Sea Grant Consortium says the Top Ten Beach Survey has become a popularity contest for beaches that takes all factors into account.

"It's a combination of everything, it's the beach that they feel best represents the ideal spot for them to spend their time to spend the day or a longer trip."

The poll will take all things into consideration so whether you are looking to have an evening similar to the cast of the Jersey Shore or have a more laid back family outing the poll is hoping to get everyone's opinion on the matter.

"There are specific categories so we do ask them for natural for someone who wants to spend the day doing natural things like boating and kayaking and birding what their favorite beach might be what's the best for a family vacation and what's the best for a day trip." Says Kosko

The poll will also ask beachgoers to sound off on what they think the most important issue affecting the future of the Jersey Shore. Kosko says they have compiled an extensive list featuring topics like beach access, cost, transportation, etc.

"Whatever ends up being the top issue is going to be the one we're going to develop either a special project or a special event, we're going to do something that focuses on something that focuses on that issue to help people. "

This year will be the first time participants who take the poll will get a chance to be entered to win prize packs.

"They [county tourism directors] are actually putting together prize packages for each of the coastal counties (Ocean, Monmouth, Atlantic, and Cape May) and people will have an option of being entered in a prize drawing for one of those regions." Says Kosko.

Kosko adds that the prize packs will contain merchandise, gift certificates and coupons for restaurants and iconic eateries, hotel or bed & breakfast establishments, amusement piers, theme parks, festival or aquarium passes, winery tour passes, and more.

Kosko says that shore towns love the poll because not only does it shine a positive light on the state's beaches but it also helps the towns revenue.

"It's been a real boost for the towns that have are announced in the top ten and the tourism representatives throughout the state absolutely love it because it puts such a positive spin on people enjoying the jersey shore"

The results of the poll, as well as the winners of the prize packs, will be announced at the New Jersey Sea Grant Consortium's annual State of the Shore showcase on May 24th.

Kosko says it's anyone's game to place high so be sure to vote for your favorite. As for perennial favorites, Wildwood and Cape May do well every year.