The NJ Hall of Fame is at it again, having released their list of nominees for the upcoming year. Stephen Colbert is on the list for performing arts along with Tom Cruise, Nathan Lane, Steven Van Zandt and others. In sports Gerry Cooney, Phil Simms and Al Leiter were among the nominees. Louis Freeh and Antonin Scalia were among the chosen for the public service category.

That's the category that got me thinking. With the way public service has gone in New Jersey, isn't only right that we should have a NJ Hall of Infamy? In this land of scandal and corruption, power mongering and abuse of authority, it's only right.

So we offer you (in theory) the first nominees for New Jersey's Hall of Infamy. With his lame duck status few paid attention to a most recent poll that has Gov. Chris Christie at a new all time low in a Suffolk University/USA Today Network survey. He's now dropped to an approval rating of only 14%. Compare that to Gov. Jim Florio's lowest approval rating, who brought in taxes like blankets filled with small pox, of 18%. And Brendan Byrne's, who we can thank for establishing our state income tax, of 17%. 14% is staggering. Then there was Gov. Jon Corzine, a one term tax loving Goldman Sachs guy, replaced by the Great White Hope Chris Christie who we most all grew to hate. Hard to choose, isn't it? Making it harder still is remembering Jim McGreevey's scandal of appointing Golan Cipel as homeland security adviser when he lacked all qualifications and was not even a U.S. citizen. Being good in bed was apparently enough qualification for McGreevey. Then there's the fiscal games of Christine Todd Whitman which led to a worsening pension crisis. Honestly Tom Kean is the only governor I can think of who doesn't deserve nomination to the dreaded NJ Hall of Infamy, but because there are a few who would disagree I'm being fair and leaving him in. Think back through history of all their lies, misdeeds, and letdowns, and vote for who most belongs in the NJ Hall of Infamy.

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