Today in the news there is a lawsuit between the guys who sold the Trump sign that was removed from the now defunct Trump Taj Mahal in Atlantic City and the guys who bought it.

Apparently, there was seller's remorse after the sign was posted on eBay and a bidding war ensued. I guess there's a big market for old advertising signs. Which led me to believe that there must be some signs being sold in New Jersey that are worthy of some attention.

I did a quick Craigslist search, and wow what a treasure trove I found!(That's if you keep in mind that one man's treasure is another guy's trash.) You can't believe the stuff people will buy.

Retro signs are apparently very popular resale items, and I can even think of a use for some of these signs in my own house.

  • 1

    Two Stop signs (and a vest)

    I wanna meet the guy who knocked these down to sell 'em.

  • 2

    Vintage Gas Station sign

    I would definitely put this is my kitchen and fill all the little boxes with my dinner menus for the week. I am, after all, full serve, ALL THE TIME.
  • 3

    Citizens First sign

    Doesn't every parent in the world need one of these? If you have kids, Don't tell me you've never felt like you should just have a slot where the kids should insert their debit cards?

  • 4

    Do Not Enter sign

    More uses than I can count for the next one (Like my bedroom door when it's closed).

  • 5

    Advertising sgn

    Okay, I understand the retro-chic quality of this sign. But I'd feel too bad for the person who actually has this phone number today to post it anywhere!

  • 6

    House Address sign

    Yea, but wouldn't your name have to actually be Kelleher?