Low points on temper management. High points on creativity. A Vineland woman in trouble for beating a car with a rake, but that's not nearly the whole story. The whole story is a labyrinth of road rage that I won't try to detail here. Click here for the full story of what all went down, and think of Benny Hill music in the background as you read it.

I don't know what it is about the automobile that we associate so much with intimacy, with the person themselves. How often have you heard this though? A girlfriend is broken up with and wants to smash the boyfriend in the face so instead breaks off his side view mirror. A man finds out his friend lied about something major and wants to punch his teeth down his throat so instead takes a baseball bat to his windshield. There's something psychological in many of us that greatly connects the car to the person in moments of rage probably more than any other physical object. It's like a way of breaking someone's legs without actually breaking their legs.

Take for example this classic scene from The Big Lebowski, most definitely filled with very graphic language and not at all safe for work.