A homeless New Jersey man, David Ivins, whose videotaped beating was posted on YouTube has been arrested.

Wall Township police accused David Ivins of drunkenly disturbing patrons and employees at the motel where he's been living. Police Sgt. Patrick Connor tells the Asbury Park Press officers found the 51-year-old screaming in the parking lot Tuesday morning.

David Ivins is held on $750 bail, charged with disorderly conduct and resisting arrest.

David Ivins previously said he had an alcohol problem and voluntarily entered a rehabilitation program in January. The program was among numerous donations and support that David Ivins received from an outraged community after the videotape showed a young man punching and kicking David Ivins in the face, bloodying his nose, before telling him, "Merry Christmas."

Two people were charged in the December assaults.

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