Next month the new world's tallest drop ride will be open for business and hyperventilation at Six Flag's Great Adventure right here in New Jersey. 

Attached to Kingda Ka, it stands 41 stories tall and will drop you at 90 mph 415 feet straight down leaving your stomach up in the clouds.  They say it's so tall you'll be able to see the Philadelphia skyline on a clear day.  If you wonder what this will be like, I did some research and the best I can tell is that the current active world's tallest drop ride is Lex Luther Drop Off Doom at Six Flags Magic Mountain in Valencia, California.

A 400 foot drop, it's held the title of world's tallest drop ride for a couple of years but will be beaten by 15 feet when ours opens.  If you'd like to know what the drop ride at Great Adventure will be like, take a look at this video from the second best in California.

You can view a teaser video of what the ride will look like below