In a week that saw outrage over the swarm of bikers surrounding and eventually beating the driver of an SUV, there is now another video that demonstrates the mob mentality of these kinds of jerks.

Take a look at this video, recorded by their own 'helmet cam' and proudly put up on the internet to celebrate their douchebaggery, and tell me these types aren't looking for trouble. You see them illegally take over the road, riding on the wrong side against oncoming traffic, blowing through a red hanging a right turn, popping wheelies, speeding, swarming far too close to cars, and eventually riding their motorcycles on the sidewalk. This takes place in Manhattan. You'll see them pass right by Connolly's Pub, a place I've been for drinks, which pissed me off I guess because it just made it all the more real for me.

Take a look at the poor people who are backed up against a wall as these orifices speed by them on the sidewalk. Every one of these scumbags who does this crap ought to be rounded up and put in East Jersey State Prison.