›Two burglars were caught in the act by an Upper Pittsgrove Township homeowner who addressed the men through her home security system as they broke into her house, police said.

According to state police, the two men entered the home around 9:30 a.m. by kicking in the side door. The homeowner's two dogs were in the house at the time, but they left the burglars unharmed, authorities said.

"Once inside, they encountered the victim's dogs. God love those lovely puppies. They appeared to bark and sniff the perps, but otherwise left them alone and unharmed," state police said in a statement.

A home surveillance video shows the two men walking into a living room/kitchen area then heading out of the camera's view into another room. They reappear a short time later, the video shows, with one man carrying a white bag filled with items and then exiting the home.

At one point toward the end of the video, the two appear startled as they move more quickly to make their exit. Their sudden reaction was the result of the fact that the homeowner addressed them remotely through her home security system, authorities said.

"The homeowner noticed the intruders remotely from surveillance. Said homeowner was able to address said perps remotely. We shall not repeat what was said, but needless to say the burglars read the message loud and clear," state police wrote. "They were able to steal a lockbox containing jewelry and personal documents before being scared away."

Police say they are continuing to investigate the burglary and are asking people to watch the video and contact them with any information regarding the suspects. Anyone with tips is asked to contact Trooper M. Korjeko or Trooper F. Williams at Woodstown Station at 856-769-0775 or Woodstown Criminal Investigations Office at 856-769-0779.

Toniann Antonelli is a social content producer for NJ 101.5. She can be reached at toniann.antonelli@townsquaremedia.com, or on Twitter @ToniRadio1015.

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