So what’s with this Staten Island Clown that’s been freaking people out in NY borough comedian Vic Dibitetto refers to as “Brooklyn with a cover charge”?

There was speculation that the clown was a publicity stunt and that Dibitetto, the Manalapan comedian who’s “Bread and Milk” and "Justin Bieber rant"viral videos have garnered over 15 million hits, was a part of it.

But Vic squashed those rumors on “Inside Edition,”  and then again on my show Tuesday night on New Jersey 101.5.  You can now be sure, if there are any clowns in Staten Island, they have nothing to do with Vic Dibitetto. That is of course, unless this story becomes his next viral hit!

You can listen to my interview with Vic DiBitetto discussing the mystery surrounding the creepy Staten Island clown in the audio players below.

Segment 1 with Vic DiBitetto:

Segment 2 with Vic DiBitetto: