Wednesday's high temperatures reached the low to middle 50s, as mild as 55 in Wrightstown, Burlington County and Atlantic City at the airport.

The normal high is in the upper 40s now, 47 to 49, so we are a bit above normal.

We will be way above that today. There may be some spotty drizzle and areas of dense fog, particularly near the coastline, this morning. Then, a shower is possible later.  Otherwise, very mild today with highs in the lower 60s, but cooler today near the ocean.

Some showers arriving overnight, in the 50s, but 40s are possible in NW Jersey.

Some rain and turning colder Friday with some temperatures reaching the 40s, especially late morning and during the afternoon.

Rain Friday night, but becoming partly sunny and drier on Saturday in the low to middle 40s.

The next storm system arrives late morning and afternoon on Sunday with snow or a mix.  There could be some accumulation with that before it changes to rain in Central and South Jersey.  Then it probably goes to, at least, a mix or some rain in NW Jersey by Sunday night.