Have you ever heard of fans wanting a TV show back so bad that they actually paid to have a movie produced? That’s the story of the new Veronica Mars movie which was funded by fans via kickstarter and took in 2 million dollars it’s first weekend finishing at number 10. The Veronica Mars movie, which revives the UPN/CW series that ran from 2004-07 also hit video on demand and services like iTunes and Amazon same day as its limited theatrical release in AMC cinemas.

Now that Veronica Mars has been brought to the big screen, will there be more going forward?

Series creator, movie director and co-writer Rob Thomas said there is a magic number he's discussed with Warner Bros. about returning to Mars for more adventures. Either way, the fans have not only spoken but put  their money where their mouth was. The fact that they were able to get this movie made gives hope to all those who lose their favorite shows to cancellation.

If you could turn a cancelled show into a movie, which would you choose?