‘Zero tolerance’ is being taken to its most ridiculous extreme here.

And to me it sounds like more bureaucratic nonsense from a state agency that tends to overreact.
The Vernon father of 13 year old Ethan Chaplin - who was suspended from school for twirling a pencil last April made to look like a gun - can now face being taken away from his father, Michael.

The teen, after the incident went viral and caused a media storm of attention, was eventually released from his suspension.

In fact, the Superintendent was confident that the issue was behind them since the district found no wrongdoing. Furthermore, the father, in wanting to follow along with the rules, took his son for an evaluation, after which the boy was given a clean bill of health.

Case closed, right?


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According to the story, the agency is not allowed to comment on matters such as this.

But it does make one wonder, given all that we know so far – and this is all that we know – do you not feel that this agency is out of line, or are they just doing their job?