NJ101.5 has partnered with local animal rescue organizations EASEL Animal Rescue League and Sammy’s Hope to feature adoptable local pets in need of homes.

Help us find these pets homes by sharing this information with family members and friends who may be interested in adopting a shelter pet.

Adopt Venus

Venus (Photo courtesy of Sammy's Hope)

Venus is a young, slender tortoise girl with a Phantom of the Opera mask. When she first came in, she was so vocal, squiggly and fast moving that we weren't sure how friendly she was. When one of our volunteers finally braved a touch, it was met with crazy, adorable exuberant rubbing and talking. Venus is not only friendly, it seems she can’t get enough affection!  You will never feel alone with Venus as your companion!

If you are interested in meeting Venus or fostering/adopting her, please email us at cats@sammyshope.org. You can download a PDF copy of the adoption application form here or you can see more adoptable cats from Sammy’s Hope here.

Adopt Chewy

Chewy (Photo courtesy of EASEL)

Chewy will absolutely love you, after she knows you. Upon first introduction, she can be nervous and defensive, but she does come around.  She's the same way with other dogs as well. She needs someone who will bond with her and introduce her to the rest of the world. She needs to work through some housebreaking issues, but has been responding well to training. Chewy is a sweet dog, loves to be held and will make an excellent companion.

If you're interested in learning more about Chewy or to schedule a visit, email dogs@easelnj.org. Find more of EASEL’s adoptable dogs, puppies here or download a PDF copy of the application form here.

Adopt Shade

Shade (Photo courtesy of Sammy's Hope)

Shade is a handsome American Staffordshire Terrier mix male who came to the shelter as a stray and looked similar to one of our other shelter guys, Shadow, that the volunteers dubbed him Shade. Shade is young, bouncy and fun. He is full of energy and loves to play. He's working on his basic commands and can't wait to show you what he's learned!

If you're interested in meeting Shade or fostering/adopting him, please email us at info@sammyshope.org. You can download a PDF copy of the application form here or you can see more adoptable dogs from Sammy’s Hope here.

Adopt Maxwell

Maxwell (Photo courtesy of EASEL)

Maxwell was brought into the shelter after his owner passed away and now is in need of a new forever home. He is quite the social guy and becomes very chatty when he needs something, especially when he is looking for a nice petting.

To schedule a visit to meet Maxwell, please email kitty@easelnj.org or call 609-883-0540. Find more of EASEL’s adoptable cats and kittens here, or download a PDF copy of the application form here.