Another Valentine's Day has crept up on us oh so quickly this year. We have been very lucky that this year we do not have to worry about trucking through several inches of snow or a windchill in the single digits to get to our favorite restaurants.  All things considered it is a pretty nice night to be in love and spend it with that very special person.  Those of you that still like to go out to a romantic spot and gaze into the eyes of your mate in celebration of this day, how important is it to you that you do it...on this day?  Personally I have always preferred to wait until the weekend to do my celebrating.  The restaurants are less packed. I can usually find a more intimate setting to focus on my date. It also seems to be more relaxing to be out at night knowing you dont have work the following morning. How do you feel? Does celebrating Valentine's Day a few days later change the holiday at all for you?