DALLAS (AP) -- Nine small earthquakes have rattled a North Texas town in a span of less than 24 hours.

US Geological Survey map shows epicenter of one of the Texas earthquakes (USGS)

The U.S. Geological Service recorded the temblors in the Dallas suburb of Irving between Tuesday morning and early Wednesday morning.

No major damage or injuries have been reported.

The area has seen a swarm of mild earthquakes recently, but USGS geophysicist Jana Pursley says Tuesday's quakes were the "largest since the earthquakes started happening there in the last year." The magnitudes ranged from 1.6 to 3.6, with three greater than 3.0.

Geologists say earthquakes of magnitude 2.5 to 3.0 are generally the smallest felt by humans.

Researchers from Southern Methodist University were expected to begin installing a seismograph in Irving earlier this week to help study what's behind the increase.

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