As a New Jerseyan who loves the music that comes out of the Garden State, I'm always open to checking out new music from local bands that are trying to make it big. Jersey musicians have always had a knack for creating an original sound. Maybe it's something in the water?

The Luna Laval, a Middlesex County band recently put out a demo of their latest work. I spent the better part of an hour today trying to come up with who The Luna Laval sounds like, and I just can't think of it. They have a refreshing, original sound influenced by an assortment of genres.

From The Luna Laval's website:

The better part of the past 6 months were spent preparing for this release. In October, we embarked on our first-ever formal studio experience. We recorded at Vudu Studios with producer Mike Watts (The Dear Hunter, As Tall As Lions, The Junior Varsity, etc), further defining our sound.

You can check out The Luna Laval's new demo, A Good Fear EP by clicking the play button below.

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