High temperatures yesterday reached record proportions.

Newark Liberty Airport's 85 broke the old record of 84 set in 1991.  Atlantic City at the airport tied the record of 85 set all the way back in 1959.

Believe it or not, we could be a degree or two above that this afternoon in the middle to perhaps upper 80s.

Now, it's going to be turning cooler near the ocean and also in parts of North Jersey later today.  The first part of tonight, there is the chance of some showers and possibly a thunderstorm move through, then much cooler 50s everywhere late tonight.

Big difference tomorrow, mostly cloudy with a chilly wind off the ocean, and maybe a shower or spotty drizzle.  Some highs Thursday not out of the 50s.  That'll be a shocking change for most of us.

Some rain likely for much of Friday with temps in the 60s, but cooler than that along the coast and in North Jersey.

But, Saturday and Sunday should have sunshine with temperatures maybe just into the 60s, with a little bit of luck.