In a world where some teachers are sending inappropriate pictures to students, another helped save one of his students' family from eviction. Union High teacher Nicholas Ferroni, who never met a situation he didn't want to help, tells the story...

"Last week, I found out that one of my students, George, was evicted along with his mother and brother. On top of being evicted, George's mom (Melanie R.) lost her job. After hearing this, I had to do something to help them out, especially since she is a single mom of two boys. As much as I try to inspire my students, they inspire me right back, and the same goes for my students' parents. My students' parents are doing everything they can to ensure that their children are better off than they were, by working multiple jobs and making sacrifices. Melanie is one such parent who is truly inspiring and willing to do anything for her two boys."  A GoFundMe page was set up and by Sunday the goal was met and money continues to roll in. You can contribute here.

Anyone who knows Ferroni knows how serious he take his profession and his students. Among his many accomplishments is being named one of the 100 most influential people in America for his commitment to education reform. Nick was also named one of Men’s Fitness Magazine’s “25 Fittest Men in the World,” an honor generally reserved for prominent athletes and actors. People Magazine also voted him the Sexiest teacher in America. You may remember his viral video teaching male students what it means to be a women in America.

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