Union High School teacher (and People's "Sexiest Teacher") Nick Ferroni joined me on air to discuss the nightmare we call the PARCC test.

Ferroni has been very outspoken in the past on how he feels about the test, and his feelings have only gotten stronger.

"They're forcing teachers to not care about kids," he said. "Kids are all different yet we're testing them identically. It's like training students for different sports and grading them all on football."

Ferroni says that the test and the time spent teaching to it makes the classroom a less personal place. More importantly, it doesn't seem to be a good evaluation tool.

"There is not a single piece of data that link students success to this test. Some of the smartest people in history were very bad test takers," he saud.

Perhaps my favorite way of putting it in perspective: Ferroni wishes "we could pay Chris Christie based on his approval rating."

Imagine how that would work out for him!

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