I grew up in Union City at a time when there were about sixty kids all within five years of each other all living within five blocks of each other. The Union City I grew up in in the sixties and seventies was an incredible place where you always had something to do and someone to do them with.

Spencer Platt/Getty Images

Whatever you wanted was within reach and all you had to do was step outside and the whole world lay before you. It’s funny when I bring up Union City either on the radio or on stage, People always respond. No matter where you are in New Jersey you’re never far from someone who came from Union City.


Now those Union City memories have been preserved all month at the William V Musto Cultural Center.


On display are about a thousand various historical pieces, including aged postcards, books, and even manufactured goods that reflect the city's industrial past.  Items like a gramophone, political campaign material, old maps, and veteran portraits were separated into entertainment, commerce, veteran, and civil history sections.


What would be great for me is if they could recreate Seventeenth Street Park where we played punch ball, and basketball, or St Michael’s monastery where we used to sneak in under the fence to play tackle football. Perhaps they could bring back the Hoagie House too or as some called it ‘The Bottom of The Barrel”


What do you miss the most about the town where you grew up?