The stock markets been moving higher, but the road ahead is fraught with uncertainty.

Greg Plechner, of Westwood's Modera Wealth Management, says the big driver, right after the elections, will be the impending tax changes, and how they impact all of us and the economy.

He says no one is quite certain what those changes will mean. And we await word from the Fed this week about what they have in mind for stimulating the economy. Plechner advises you to sell stocks and bonds. But he quickly adds that does not mean selling stocks and bonds and getting out of them.

Plechner says you should shift your holdings to brace for the uncertainty, and perhaps lower returns. He says, for example, if you had a ten percent target for your total portfolio for stocks, and because year to date returns have been so good that has grown to 12 percent, sell off two percent and bring it back to the 10 percent that you had to begin with at the beginning of the year.

Wall Street is also waiting to hear from German court today about whether that country will approve the European stability mechanism designed to reduce fear of uncertainty in that most uncertain part of the economic world.