A new generation of TV is on the way.  Here's a heads up on whats headed our way.

Getty Images/Joe Klamar


It's the old tech stuff story.  Soon after we purchase the latest state of the art smartphone or TV something else is introduced that's five times better, bigger, and faster.

I thought my 55 inch LED HD TV would remain state of the art for several years.  I should have known better.

Now, the high end TV manufacturers are starting to ship out the next generation of TVs.

It's called Ultra HD TV.

Simply put, the UHD's have four times the resolution of a 1920 x 1080 HD TV.  It's called 4K format.

Here's of couple of things you should know before you run out to your neighborhood electronics store.

When new electronics are introduced, they're not cheap.  The UHD TV is no exception.  A Samsung 85 inch Ultra HD TV will put you out for about 40 grand.  The Sony 84 inch is a steal for only 20 thousand dollars.  A bit closer to reality, Sony has a 55 inch model for $5,000.

There's one other minor detail.  Right now there are no television shows being broadcast in the 4K format.

Frankly, I'm fine with my "plain" LED HD TV.   I don't need to have a better view of the pimples on a newscaster's face, or the perspiration on Robinson Cano's forehead.

Lord willing, in several years I may think about a UHD purchase.  Right now, I'm happy with what I have.