Do we have the ugliest license plates in the country, or is there another state with that dubious distinction?

Well, if you were hoping for something more esthetically pleasing, you’re out of luck.

Depending on how you look at it, our plates will take on a new design, albeit one that will be barely noticed by drivers.

Unless you look real hard, the lettering on the new New Jersey plates won’t be embossed anymore.

Instead they will be digitally stamped so as to allow them to be more durable in harsh weather, according to

The time factor also comes into play here too since it will take less time to produce them. And, in a sense, less expensive.

Here’s the part that should be of interest to most, if not all of us, in reference to the article above:

...reduced reliance on old machinery could mean cost reductions now under consideration in negotiations with the state Department of Corrections.

The cost to customers for standard licenses — $11 per pair — is not expected to rise, at least not yet.

But I’m sure the price will go up – just like the price of everything else does here.

Does New Jersey have the ugliest license plates in the country?