It's not just the triptophan you've got to worry about.

During the holiday season, New Jersey bars are working with Uber to provide free rides of up to $20 for first-time riders. The offer is open to patrons of all bars and pubs that belong to the New Jersey Licensed Beverage Association, the Asbury Park Press reports.

Uber's taken on other partnerships meant to curb drunk driving. Evesham officials recently told New Jersey 101.5 they've arranged for more than 500 free rides home for people who'd been drinking, using Uber and other services.

Each bar in the association will serve soft drinks and and other benefits to designated drivers who sign up with the anti-drunk-driving HERO Campaign, the Asbury Park Press report also says.

After the holiday season, HERO and the NJLBA intend to conduct a study on the program's impact on DUI incidents.