Borrowing a theme from a Fairleigh Dickinson University poll, we asked our listeners to come up with two words that came to mind when they thought of Gov. Phil Murphy.

First, the FDU poll results on his approval rating aren't great news for him. In this so-called honeymoon period Murphy lags far behind where Christie or even Corzine did. Christie came in office with a 48% approval rating and Corzine with 47%. Phil Murphy starts off with only 35%. As far as the two words said most often for Murphy in the FDU poll, marijuana and taxes. Makes you wonder just how many one voter issues (marijuana) played into the election.

So we asked our listeners for their own two words that came to mind for Gov. Murphy. We went out of our way to explain we weren't looking specifically negative responses. We asked for people who believed in Murphy to call in with positive words as well. The thing is, no positive calls came in. It was a landslide of negativity. Another interesting thing is everyone who called in combined their two words to make a statement. The responses were as follows.

  • Donkey's butt
  • Filthy Phil
  • Empty promises
  • Richard Cranium
  • Greedy bastard
  • Douche bag
  • Idiot voters
  • Smarmy snake
  • Ben Dover
  • Whack job
  • One term
  • Clueless clown

There were several more. But perhaps my favorite of the hour didn't come from a listener but from our own Bill Doyle. Thinking back to one of the debates when Murphy blew a softball question, what's your favorite fruit and vegetable, Bill said he thinks of grapefruit and broccoli when he thinks of the governor.

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