If you were alive during the ‘80s, you already know that Frankie Goes to Hollywood got their name from Frank Sinatra’s foray into acting, but did you know that their hit, “Two Tribes” was both the predecessor to their biggest hit, “Relax”, as well as their follow-up hit?

How so, you ask? Because “Relax" was released twice, with “Two Tribes” sandwiched in between. “Relax” was released the first time in the movie Body Double, where it peaked in 84 at #67; a longer version released in 1985 hit #10. Also, if you were alive in the ‘80s, you already know that “Relax” is a song about the wonders of self-pleasuring. But that’s not the song I asked Big Joe to play; I wanted to hear “Two Tribes”. I always assumed it was about the Cold War animosity between the US and Soviet Union, but I suck at interpreting song lyrics, so who knows? In any case, he didn’t play it.

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