Two New Jersey men have been found guilty of murder in what authorities describe as a gang-related triple killing in eastern Pennsylvania.

A Northampton County judge on Thursday convicted 28-year-old Olayiwola Hollist and 32-year-old Demar Edwards in the 2007 slayings at an Easton apartment.

Prosecutors say the men from Newark killed 20-year-old Alphe Rene, 23-year-old Chanel Armour and 19-year-old Aleah Hamlin in retaliation for gang slayings in New Jersey.

Defense attorneys had claimed inconsistent eyewitness testimony could not prove their clients were at the apartment. Hollist testified he was waiting in a car when the killings occurred.

Hollist and Edwards opted for a trial by judge, not a jury, in exchange for prosecutors dropping their bid for the death penalty. The pair will now serve life in prison.