Two more suspects have been arrested in the fatal shooting of an Irvington store owner.

Ivery Brinson (left) and Shakil Brinson (Essex County Prosecutor's Office)

Essex County prosecutors say 26-year-old Ivery Brinson and his 21-year-old brother, Shakil Brinson, both of Newark, were arrested Tuesday night in New Brunswick. Bail for both brothers was set at $750,000, and they remained jailed Wednesday.

The arrests come just days after two other Newark residents -- 22 year-old Carnel Colbett and a 17-year-old male -- were taken into custody. It's not known if any of the four suspects have retained attorneys.

All four suspects face numerous charges including murder, robbery, carjacking and weapons offenses stemming from the death of 52-year-old Narendrak Patel. He was shot dead June 29 during a robbery at his store.


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