Two men have pleaded not guilty to murder charges stemming from the fatal shooting of a retired Trenton police detective's son.

Flickr User Ian Britton

Mercer County prosecutors say 23-year-old Robert Bartley shot and killed 18-year-old James Austin in February 2012. That came after Austin and another man, 21-year-old Raheem Currie, had argued and fought over who should pay for a broken windshield on Currie's car.

During the fight, authorities say Currie threw a metal steering wheel lock through the rear windshield of Austin's car. Austin then broke Currie's windshield.

Currie drove off and picked up Bartley, and they soon returned to the scene of the fight. A short time later, Bartley allegedly shot Austin once in the chest.

Bartley and Currie are charged with murder, conspiracy and weapons offense.


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