Every Friday during 2016, I have pledged to honor a special NJ law officer who has gone above and beyond the call of duty. I'm tired of all the bad press he police have been getting across the country so I've decided to change the narrative with #BlueFriday.

This week we are highlighting two special officers from Matawan who took the time to spend with a child.

A special thanks to Kara, who sent in a submission to let us know about the special deed that Patrolman Charlie Henry and Patrolman Jennifer Paglia did for her son. Here is what Kara wrote to us below.

The officers were making rounds and saying hi to kids before they all went into the or MJXPRESSIONS dance class. My son Marvin ran and hid  as he got scared due to his autism. Unfortunately certain things scare him. On Tuesday officers spoke with him, calmed him and came back a few times.to say hi to him. The officers showed him their cars and how to send a report. He loved it!

Although some officers still scare him, he no longer has that fear and doesn't want to run away when he sees an officer. They went above and beyond for one child and made such a difference for him.

These are the stories that you won't see in the press that we want to make sure NJ residents are aware of.

Officers like Charlie Henry and Jennifer Paglia in Matwan are what #BlueFriday are all about. The two officers didn't have to spend all that time with Marvin but they wanted to let him know that they're there to help kids.

To help a boy who has autism get over his fear is absolutely phenomenal. Great job by officers Charlie Henry and Jennifer Paglia of the Matawan Police force!

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