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1) 2 Brothers have been arrested and charged in Autumn Pasquale's murder…Should they be tried as adults?

2) Do you think this Football coaches speech to his players crosses the line? Saying even if Jesus and his disciples come in here on Saturday, we are going to f them up and get them the f out of here.” Do you feel anything a coach says in a locker room either prior to or after a game be considered “off limits?”

3) Should drinks like Monster and Red Bull be taken off the market, especially in the wake of the FDA report where 5 deaths linked to energy drinks.

4) Whatever happened to mischief night?

5) There’s a report that says violations have dropped near red-light cameras…but accidents are up….shouldn’t the cameras be taken down if they make the intersections less safe…and which intersections do you avoid?

6) Have you ever had an encounter with a black bear and do you feel a Hackettstown man should have been charged with a crime for killing young bear with bow and arrow that he says was trying to attack his dog and a friend?

7) If you’re between the ages of 35 to 44, what’s the thing you worry about most….according to a recent poll by the Pew institute, it’s retirement.

8) Where is the weirdest place you seen couples having sex? And if you drive a truck, have you witnessed much “behind the wheel” copulation?9) How much sleep do you get on a daily basis…now they say that too little sleep can make you fat…along with making you crazy?

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