You don't find this kind of cuisine in the food court, but you do find this kind of aggression on Black Friday.

Jackson Township police didn't release the identity of the shopper they say bit a sergeant — twice — during a parking-lot fracas, but they did charge her with obstruction, resisting arrest and aggravated assault on an officer.

It was at about 2:33 PM at the Jackson Premium Outlets, and the lot was filled to capacity. Police closed the entry gates to prevent more drivers from cruising for spots that just didn't exist.

According to authorities, Sgt. Wayne Olejarz strode up to a jam at the exit for Monmouth Road (Route 537), and found cars parked in the exit lane.

Drivers on site were ordered to move them, police said. Tow trucks were called for two. About a half-hour later Olejarz told a 40-year-old woman just returning that he was ticketing her 1999 Toyota, and asked for her driver's identification, police said.

Police said she refused, hopped in, and tried to drive off but became stuck in traffic —not once, not twice. but three times while he stood by and continued speaking with her.

The sergeant leaned into the car to set it in park, and that's when she bit him on the left hand, police said.

That triggered a struggle to pull her out of the car, which eventually he did, and she bit him on the right hand, police said.

She'll have a chance to explain her communication methods and dietary habits in municipal court.