Nothing like beginning the New Year with a binge, especially when said binge is not going to make you feel guilty about getting fat. I’m talking about the countless marathons that were on television all day Wednesday. 

Flickr User Ho John Lee

The Honeymooners were on Channel 11 like they are every year. The New WLNY spent the day with “The Odd Couple”  The SYFY Channel of course had “The Twilight Zone” and even the Encore Western Channel ran “Bat Masterson” with Gene Barry. He wore a cane and derby hat you know.

Nowadays, marathons have become binges and if you have certain cable packages, you can get entire show runs on demand whenever you want them. You would think with the popularity of these old shows that show up every holiday, they would be included on the list.

Since we’re getting into snow season and you can only look at the fire place for so long. (Don’t worry, they have a channel for that too now. What shows would you recommend watching marathons of?