The shoulder of the New Jersey Turnpike Extension will be used as a lane during the Pulaski Skyway project that begins in March.

Pulaski Skyway (News 12 NJ)

The shoulder will be open eastbound during morning and afternoon rush when the speed limit will drop to 45 MPH on the 6-mile stretch of interstate which will help the roadway accommodate 1,900 extra cars.  “If you close the Pulaski and didn’t do anything on the Extension, there would be no place to put all those cars,” Turnpike Authority spokesman Tom Feeney told the Star Ledger.

Overhead signs will also be installed to indicate what lanes are open

The northbound lanes of the 80-year-old roadway will be closed after the Super Bowl for extensive repairs by the NJDOT including the replacement of the skyway deck, strengthening the steel superstructure, repairing ramps, increasing the Skyway’s ability to withstand an earthquake, improving drainage and lighting and repainting.

The project will take 2 years complete.