With business leaders across the Garden State expressing optimism about expansion and higher profits next year, Jersey lawmakers are discussing how best to keep the positive momentum moving forward.

Statehouse (NJSenateRepublicans.com)

During a New Jersey Business and Industry Association Public Policy forum in Woodbridge, Assembly Republican Leader Jon Bramnick said it's important to remember that if we don't get government out of the way and put business in a position where they can do business, we're not going to have better jobs.

"We're not going to have more jobs. I believe that if we let the private sector do their thing, jobs will be created," Bramnick said.

Democratic State Senate Budget Committee boss Paul Sarlo disagreed.

"I'm proud of the bipartisan incentive bills passed by the legislature that focus on job creation and giving companies incentives to come to the Garden State," he said. "But now we have to focus in on creating more jobs, continue to create more jobs, and not over-rely on property taxes

Assembly Speaker-elect Vinnie Prieto said optimism is great but you also have to build a strong foundation to be able to build that building.

"I come from the building trades," he said.

Republican Senate Leader Tom Kean stressed that we need leaders who can work to create predictability, and we have them.

"If you have the optimism, the entrepreneurs, and predictability, all of that sets up to really be positive economic job growth that will be the beacon for not only the region but around the country."