This past weekend was perfect weather for me. It was comfortable while just on the edge of it being too hot. Driving with all of the windows down was a must, and opening all screen doors, windows, and blinds was a necesity. I enjoyed it even more because with June being just two weeks away, I have a feeling we will soon pay for how mild our winter was with a scorching hot summer.

When I was growing up, no matter what, my grandfather would always wait until the absolute last moment to turn the air conditioner on. We would endure a couple of the pre-season mini heat waves before he would even think about it. I used to move side to side shifting as the oscilating fan shifted while chewing on ice to keep cool. I can't stand being hot.

The purpose of this, of course, was to save money on that bill while we could. While gas is coming down the average is still $3.63 per gallon in New Jersey. So when you look at gas and other bills that are still high and unavoidable, will you be like my grandfather this year? Will you try to stick it out as long as you can to save a few dollars or will it be on full blast the first time you see 80 or higher?