Jill Filipovic had her privacy violated at Liberty International Airport in Newark.  She had a sex toy in her luggage.  When she arrived at her destination and unpacked her bag, she found a TSA screener had looked through her luggage and decided to leave a note, written on official TSA paper no less, reading  "get your freak on girl".  Jill is a blogger.  She blogged about it.  The TSA reacted, rightfully so.  THey decided to fire the screener for the gross display of unprofessionalism.  End of story, right?  Wrong.  Now Jill Filipovic is acting shocked and awed that this was made into a big deal.  She says she merely wanted to start a dialogue on personal liberties.  Says she didn't want to be known as 'vibrator girl'.  Says she didn't necessarily think someone should lose their job over this.  Make up your mind moron.  You really didn't think this would make the news in a big way?  In my opinion millions of other female passangers who, as Bruce sang, know it ain't no sin to be glad you're alive and who pack such items in their suitcases are no doub glad the TSA did the right thing in terminating the screener.  We didn't need vibrator girl to start a national discourse on the loss of personal liberties at the airport.  Backscatter imagers, pat downs of children, etc., already started that dialogue some time ago.  This was about a smart ass who got their comeuppance.