After presidential candidate Donald Trump's moronic comments about Mexicans, everyone began shying away from his Miss USA pageant. Univision blasted Trump and backed out of the broadcast, followed by NBC. Trump scrambled for coverage and came up with Reelz Channel at the last minute. So how did the July 12th event's ratings turn out? 925,000 viewers compared to last year's 5,600,000 on NBC. Probably still a win for Reelz. The small cable channel paid only $100,000 for the license to air the pageant.

By the way, for anyone who still cares about things as stupid as beauty pageants, Oklahoma's Olivia Jordan was crowned the new Miss USA. In her interview segment she cited race relations as the biggest issue America needs to tackle. "We have not solved this issue," Jordan said. "We really need to work on being an accepting society." Kind of ironic considering Trump's comments.

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