Along with Donald Trump being elected president, three more states have voted to legalize marijuana which raises the number of states in the country where weed is legal to 25%. Voters in Maine are on track to approve it as well.

Here in New Jersey, Sen. Nicholas Scutri has pledged to introduce a bill before the end of the year and Senate President Steve Sweeney says we could have legal weed by 2018.

All it has to do is get by Governor Christie, who we all know is against marijuana legalization. But if we go higher up the ladder we see "President" Trump, a businessman who would surely see an easy way to boost the economy as well as cut crime across the country. It would also popularize him with younger voters.

How would this play with the Republican party? Do you really think he cares? The man just won an election despite several party members jumping ship.

Any smart businessman would see the advantage of legalizing marijuana and if Donald Trump is anything, he is a smart businessman. It won't be long now!

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