How does Donald Trump feel about Monmouth University? Well, it depends on what week it is — and what Monmouth says people think about Trump

In an email to supporters Monday, Trump said he wanted "to be the first to share the latest national poll results from the highly respected Monmouth University." Those results showed Trump with 41 percent of Republican-leaning voters saying they backed The Donald, with Ted Cruz his closest runner up at just 14 percent.

"Highly respected."

But just a week earlier, Trump demonstrated little respect for the school's polls, when it showed Cruz ahead in Iowa:

"We're leading in most of the polls. We're leading in every poll — no, every poll — except (in) Iowa there was one poll: Monmouth," said Trump, according to Business Insider. "I've never heard (of) Monmouth. What the hell is Monmouth? What is Monmouth? Explain it. I don't like Monmouth. You know why I don't like it? Because they always treat me badly. Also, I only like polls that treat me well."

Well, it seems like Monmouth's back on his good side.

In any case, the school has offered up its own answer to Trump's, "What the hell is Monmouth?"

It's possible Trump's crew throws around "highly respected" a bit loosely. A July press release referenced the "latest poll from highly respected USA Today/ Suffolk University," and one Monday referenced the "highly respected Dr. Harold Bornstein of Lenox Hill Hospital" saying Trump was in excellent health.

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