Projected track of Tropical Storm 9 (NHC)

Florida officials urged residents to pay attention to a tropical depression that's expected to head toward the state's Gulf Coast.

Bryan Koon, the director of the state's Division of Emergency Management, said at a news conference Tuesday morning that the storm in the Gulf of Mexico is expected to strengthen.

"Tomorrow night is going to be a significant issue since it is going to pass through North/Central Florida," he said. "By the close of business today I expect this to be named storm and for us to be locked and ready."

While parts of the Gulf Coast near Tampa saw heavy rain Wednesday morning, Florida Gov. Rick Scott said people should be prepared for the worst.

"As you've seen with prior storms there are going to be bands of significant rain," he said, adding Florida residents should be ready in the event of heavy rain, water and downed power lines. "Our teams state wide and locally are ready. This state knows what to do."

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