Last Saturday night I saw an incredible Bee Gees concert in Sea Isle City. The band was called “Stayin Alive” and they hit notes that I haven’t heard since the originals.

A few weeks ago I saw Beatlemania Alive.  At Etra Park we saw a different Beatlemania. My sons are 5 years old, one is named Lennon and they’re hooked on whatever version of  the fabs they can see.

I also work with The Mahoney Brothers “Long Live The Beatles” who played the Surflight Theatre in Beach Haven. One of my best friends Glenn Stuart sings for The “B Street” Band which pays tribute to the Boss and often has former E Street drummer Vinnie”Madog” Lopez sitting in on sessions.

Tribute bands fill the void left by the age and availability of the originals. Some rely on their looks, others their presentation, still others their sound.

Who’s the best tribute band you’ve seen so far and what makes them so good?