So they meet again, Monday night Oct 18, the Eastern Division leading New York Football Giants meet the 2-3 Philadelphia Eagles at Lincoln Financial Field. You could call it the battle of the New Jersey Turnpike.

The hatred these two teams feel for each other has been well documented. In fact the NFL has even done a “Top Ten” show on the rivalry of which I am one of the commentators.


To get prepared for the Monday night matchup, here's my "Trev’s Top Ten List" of Giants/Eagles Highlights

Who can ever forget Carl Banks hitting Randall Cunningham with everything he has only to have him throw a touchdown?

How about Osi Umenyora sacking Donovan McNabb 6 times in one game?


Here’s Jason Sehorn’s 2000 playoff interception

There is  the Miracle of the Meadowlands 1 which took place on Nov 19 1978

There was also the Miracle of the Meadowlands, Part 2 where DeSean Jackson returns a punt capping off a miraculous comeback scoring 4 unanswered touchdowns.

November 19 2003 Brian Westbrook returns a punt 83 yards to beat the Giants

On the tenth anniversary of the first “Miracle of the Meadowlands” Eagle Defensive End Clyde Simmons scored on a blocked field goal to beat the Giants 23-17

On Dec 28th 2002, Matt Bryant’s 39-yard field goal 5:10 into overtime gets the Giants a 10-7 win over the Eagles and secures them a playoff berth.

Payback comes on Jan 7th 2006 when David Akers makes a game winning field go to eliminate the Giants from the playoffs.


Then on Jan 11 2009, the Eagles come into Giants Stadium and eliminate the defending Super Bowl Champs 23-11.

Who do you think will win when the the Giants and Eagles meet this coming Monday night? Leave your picks in the comment section below.